Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Hey guys, 

I thought I'd give Love, Tanya by Tanya Burr a book review. Which is something new to me but I hope you will still enjoy reading! I've been watching Tanya burr, along with some other YouTube British stars for a few years now and I was so excited to read her new book release, which i must say, its AMAZING! Not only does the book include beauty, fashion and her YouTube experience it also has chapters on her childhood and growing up, baking recipes and some confidence and happiness advice. 

You can tell that Tanya has put a lot of work into her book, the photographs are amazing even the star metallics on the side come across perfectly! The book itself is truly inspiring and I definitely recommend this book.  My favourite chapter would have to be Confidence and Happiness, I found these pages very helpful and some teenagers can relate too, and there are some great advice too. Tanya Burr made this book so relatable and lovely, which I love. You can buy Love, Tanya from Dymocks and QBD book shop, as well from Amazon. 

What are your favourite books to read?



  1. I was considering buying this. It looks very pretty but I kind of got the impression it might be for her younger audience. I might pick it up, even just for the baking chapter :)

    Good review! :)

    Jessica x

  2. such a gorgeous looking book, it's so tanya! I can't wait to read it xx

  3. [ Smiles ] Tanya Burr is one beautiful-looking lady and her book was well-put-together.

    Great review!

  4. Definitely need to buy this!!

  5. I have been wondering whether I should buy this or not! I have to say the confidence and happiness section does look good. I love your photos by the way :) x


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