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K O R C U L A island is the 6th largest Adriatic island, which stretches nearly 47km in length! On Korcula island you can find little towns, vineyards, pine forests, fishing villages, olive groves, beautiful crystal clear beaches and little bays, stone old walls and a church bell. There are so many things to do and see in Korcula Island such as St Mark's Cathedral, Marco Polo's House, Town museum, St Peter's Church etc.

Where to S T A Y;

Carpe Diem Apartments - This is were I stayed and is located right along the beach and loads of resturants! 

☆ Strecica Bay Korcula Apartment - Located 15 minutes from Old Town and sits near the sea and it's ideal for families.

 Old Town Korcula Apartment - A four story Old Town house which has now modern touches and has beautiful views of the Old Town. 

☆ Hostel Caenazzo - A hotel which is located in the centre of Old Town.

 Hotel Korsal - located in Korcula's traffic free zone and is very close to the marina, bus and ferry stations. 

Where to E A T;

☆  Buffet Pizzeria Amfora - This pizza restaurant can be found in the narrow streets of Old Town. 

☆ Aldio Mare - is one of the oldest restaurant in Old Town and is where you can find yummy high quality Dalmatian cuisine. 

 Cafe Resturant Plaza Przina - offers top notch coffees, teas, beer, wines and ice creams!

☆ Cafe Bar Servantes - a great way to people watch and of course enjoy your morning with a cup of coffee which is known to serve the best expresso and cappuccino on the island!

What to S E E & DO;

 Cycle on Korcula Island - It is the perfect way to expore the island on a bicycle all year round!

☆ Visit Marco Polo's Home on the Island of Korcula - You can go inside Marco Polo's home, the famous world traveler, writer and explorer! 

 Korcula's Picturesque Old Town - was built on a small peninsula, where you can find medieval walled old town gentian styled buildings with red rooftops as Dubrovnik hence why Korcula Island has received the name "Little Dubrovnik". 

☆ Visit Korcula Town Museum - the best way to learn about the island and it's history.

 Visit St. Mark's Cathedral - If you are a architecture lover like me then you must visit the beautiful Gothic Renaissance styled church which is built on the highest point of the peninsula. It is also known to be the most important building in Old Town!

How to get THERE;

☆  Air - Book your flight either at Split or Dubrovnik airport and then make your way via a ferry or a seaplane! 

☆ Bus - All year round, there are buses to Korcula Island, so catch a bus from Dubrovnik to Korcula island!

 Car - You can either drive yourself or get a taxi which uses the same Orebic car ferry option!

If you ever visit Croatia during the summer months or even during the winter months, I definitely recommend visintg this Island. You will not be disappointed! I must say the beaches at Korcula island are not sandy like Australia beaches are but rather all have rocks/pebbles instead. Which in fact it will burn your feet - so wear shoes at all times and even when you swim! I remember that I stept on a sea urchin while swimming in the Adriatic sea so water shoes are a must at all times! 

Have you ever been or heard of Korcula Island before?



  1. These are such amazing pictures! I have heard so much about coatia.. Is it a popular honeymoon destination? Lot of tourists there?
    I want sort of secluded island/beach

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  2. Your pictures look amazing!! I have never been to Korcula but when I visit Croatia again I will include it!!!

    Thanks for sharing all of these tips!


    Seize your Style

  3. Wow! Amazing photos! I've never been in Croatia, but I really want *o*

    I hope that you visit my blog and maybe stay for longer!

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    Elwira Charmuszko

  4. Amazing photos dear! I love this Island! ♥ ♥ :)

  5. I've never been to Croatia but would love to visit. These are beautiful photos.

    Nina's Style Blog

  6. Beautiful photos, Croatia looks heavenly!

  7. I am saving this for warmer days! I really want to go to Croatia!!

  8. Great post and photos really liked ❤️
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    Julia Shkvo

  9. Wow this place looks amazing and definitely something I would love! Your photos are beautiful xx


  10. I'm suddenly craving pizza after reading about the pizza restuarant haha
    Aleeha xXx

  11. Croatia looks so beautiful! :) xx

  12. Gorgeous pictures! Croatia seems to be a cool destination since the last years, and i can totally see why! It's such a dreamy place!

  13. It looks so pretty there!! I love the scenery.

  14. Wow! So amazing! I love to visit old towns, they are so mystical and beautiful.

    Kathy's delight

  15. Oh wow, such beautiful, bright and fresh photos - wishing I was there right now! The view from the window shot is breathtakingly beautiful and absolutely love the sound of people watching from the café :)

  16. wow the place looks amazing! I really need to visit Croatia!

    Vanessa x |

  17. So so beautiful. Croatia is a dream :)


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